Boston IVF – fertility specialists

Biologically speaking, there is a “best time” for a woman to plan for having a family. Boston IVF’s egg freezing program ensures she will have that choice—when she’s ready. Boston IVF is a world leader in fertility and egg freezing, with a network of renowned fertility experts in locations throughout New England, New York, and Arizona. Many are apprehensive so it is best to do research first in

Kathleen Collins
Sotheby’s International Real Estate

With multiple distinctions for her outstanding performance in the luxury real estate market, Kathleen Collins is recognized as one of Westchester County's most accomplished brokers. Kathleen represented the sellers in the two largest single family home transactions in Bronxville history, for $8.5 million and $10.5 million, and has achieved record prices for Bronxville condos and coops

Shell Decor – Interior design

Shelly Linder is the mastermind behind her full service interior design company based in Greenwich, CT. She creates uniquely personalized homes that are elegant and timeless, customized to each client’s lifestyle, vision, and taste. Her high-end interiors have transformed homes throughout the New York Metro area, the Hamptons, and Florida.

Beth Levetown – speech therapist

Beth Levetown, MA CCC has a bi-lingual practice in speech and language pathology where she treats every type of associated disorder, from childhood stuttering and auditory processing problems to traumatic brain injuries and strokes. Ms. Levetown’s professional and compassionate treatment brings renewed quality of life to patients ranging from infants to the elderly.

Walsh Glass & Metal

Walsh Glass & Metal is an industry leader in glass and metal installation in the New York City metro region. With an outstanding reputation for innovative problem solving and quality workmanship, the company has been involved in some of the most intricate and iconic new construction projects over the last 25 years.

No Fee Rentals
New York City apartment rentals provides apartment seekers with up-to-the-minute cost-free access to available apartments that are managed by Jakobson Properties LLC. This fast user-friendly interface makes finding, viewing, and renting a hassle-free experience for students, families, and professionals of all ages. Jakobson Properties LLC has been operating for more than 130 years, and owns more than 50 buildings throughout Manhattan.

Feehan Insurance – insurance brokers

Feehan Insurance is an independent family-owned and run business that has served the Hudson Valley area for more than 25 years.  As an independent agency Paydayloansnow likely loans with access to more than two dozen highly rated carriers, Feehan can provide the best possible insurance coverage at the most competitive rates to protect clients, their families, and businesses.

Chelsea Skye Design – interior design

Chelsea Skye Design creates beautiful living environments that balance functionality and style. Equally at home in luxury suburban residences, rambling country estates, and mile high city apartments, Chelsea Skye’s aesthetics run the gamut from sleek contemporary to elegant traditional, from rustic western to sophisticated transitional, and everything in between.