The right message on your web site or in your sales materials does all the important heavy lifting.

It engages your potential customers, clients, or patients in a meaningful way. Shows that you understand their needs. Makes them eager to know more about how you’ll help them achieve their goals. And convinces them to take the next step. Call. Click. Make an appointment, an enquiry, or a purchase.

It’s all about finding the right words. And that’s what I’ll write for you.

Whether you’re in real estate or fashion, finance or design, insurance or healthcare, you’ll get crisp clear copy that makes your expertise shine, your products sing, your services indispensible.

That’s what I’ve done for my clients. That’s what I’ll do for you.


“Val intuitively grasps what clients want to accomplish and expertly puts it into words. She has an inquisitive mind, great intellect, and knowledge of the world, and produces content that informs, persuades, and motivates people to take action.
Val and I worked together for several years at a renowned public relations firm and I watched her absorb complex material and make it is crisp, clear, and convincing. She is cool under pressure, always professional and exercises excellent judgment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

~ Jeannie Ashford,

Senior VP,

Harrison Edwards Public Relations